Current Website Design

  • want to know about website design?
  • want to know how to create a website?
  • want to create a website in a current graphic style (commonly known as Web 2.0)?
  • want to be able to create an accessible and usable website which conform to current web standards?

Well, if you have answered yes to any of the previous you have come to the right place! So watch and learn...

This website aims to teach you all of the above in a light-hearted and non-technical manner. There are 6 'hard house rooms' to this website - each of which will take you through a step-by-step module on how to achieve your final design.

Please feel free to contact me the designer, Genavieve Inkster, if you have any queries or questions. Pick a hard house dance room. Let the fun begin and enjoy them tunes...

Graphic DesignTypography Accessibility & Usability XHTML & CSS Web 2 Web Integration

Hi, the idea of this website is to demonstrate good practice in website design. Here you will find a mixture of external resources which you are expected to read (normally on the right-hand-side of the screen); this will be supplemented by my own ideas, thoughts, suggestions etc which will be supported by my own designs. I'm contactable via the email link at the bottom of the page should you need to ask anything.

This website was undertaken as part of my MA in Design: Multimedia and Graphics which was finalised on 30th August 2009 - but that wasn't the end and as a result you will find new designs which have been generated after that deadline. I aim to keep updating this website for as long as I can.

One of my ultimate graphic designers is Abduzeedo; his motto is 'abducted by design' - mine is 'addicted to design'! So, lets get going - please click on the left-hand-side buttons to enter one of the floors of N.O.W. Design, let the lights dim, the music play and I hope you enjoy a different experience to web design...



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